Should I Feed Real Meat Dog Food?

Should I feed real meet dog food

What does real meat dog food provide for my dog?

Like humans, dogs are omnivores who can survive on a balanced, varied diet consisting of either plant or animal ingredients. Real meat provides high quality protein and essential amino acids that are readily available to your dog to help optimize his nutrition and health.

High-quality protein like that found in real meat have many functions:

  • Protein supplies essential amino acids (the ones your dog’s body can’t produce on its own).
  • Protein provides an energy source for your dog, but to a much lesser extent than carbohydrates or fat. 
  • The essential amino acids from protein help support essential functions like tissue repair and muscle growth.
  • Protein helps the body maintain muscle mass.
  • Protein helps the body produce hormones and enzymes that help to regulate your dog’s basic functions.
  • Protein helps support the long-term health of puppies, adult and senior dogs.

According to the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), 12 amino acids, the building blocks of protein, are essential for dogs and must be supplied via their diet. There are also non-essential amino acids for dogs. The term “non-essential” does not mean they are not important for bodily functions, but rather, they are not required to be in the dog’s diet as the dog’s body can produce them in sufficient levels using precursors in his body. Beyond® pet food uses multiple sources of protein from both plants and animals to ensure a complete amino acid profile.

This is why real fish or poultry is the first ingredient in Beyond® dry recipes. To ensure the quality of these real meat dog food recipes, the meat is sourced exclusively from trusted sources. For example, the real white meat chicken in Beyond® Simply 9 White Meat Chicken & Whole Barley Recipe is sourced exclusively from the U.S. and Canada.

By choosing a dog food with real meat as the first ingredient, plus a balanced blend of nutrients, you can ensure that your dog’s meals will not only be enjoyable, but also completely nutritious, with all of the nourishment he needs to thrive. Be sure to ask your veterinarian for any guidance you need to select the best food for your dog.

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